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Recruiting, Consulting & Connecting

We are PangeaTwo, an executive search, consulting, and staffing firm, that has chosen a path different from the well-traveled roads of our industry. Rather than viewing recruitment as an exercise in supply and demand, we believe it can be a catalyst for transformation within an organization and yield far-reaching benefits. We’ve seen it provide companies with a competitive advantage, expand skill sets, build morale and rally a team in the pursuit of excellence.

Our role is not as a messenger between candidate and company but as an active partner to both, uniting three parties in a common goal. This collaboration furnishes us with unprecedented insights, amplifying our ability to create long-lasting relationships that are destined to transform.

The heart of our approach is an exclusive methodology that digs far deeper than job descriptions and resumes to reveal the hidden motives, challenges and goals associated with a particular placement. There’s a profound difference between information and meaning, and we are skilled in translating one into the other, drawing upon our team members’ firsthand experiences with the industries we represent.

As a company and as individuals, we embrace the idea that work isn’t work when you love what you do. In successfully pursuing our chosen passion, PangeaTwo seeks to create a world that encourages everyone to do the same.


PangeaTwo is always our first stop when looking to fill a position. Holly always comes through with a great selection of candidates and is very attuned to getting us the right fit for the job. She is a pleasure to work with and always makes us feel like the top priority.

Melissa Hallmark
SVP, Asst. Director of Administration
CRC Group