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Recruiting, Consulting & Connecting

We align viable talent with today’s industry demands.

Change is inevitable.
Direction is intentional.

Success is often attributed to being in the right place at the right time. So why leave it to chance? As an executive search, consulting, and staffing firm, PangeaTwo relies on strategy to actively engineer success, aligning companies with candidates who can make a significant, and often immediate, positive impact on their business. Luck is unreliable, but a strategic search is always sound business. Let us help you find the way.

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Our Methodology

At PangeaTwo, our tag-line represents our talent of creating business relationships that have positive impact. Making these successful connections comes in part from our methodology, which we call CONVERGENCE.

Areas of Focus

Our insider connections keep us well-versed on current and future opportunities in these industries.


Financial Services




Human Resources

Scales of Justice


Dollar Sign


IT & Engineering

IT & Engineering

We are the common ground between companies & candidates

the Best Talent

PangeaTwo excels in the strategy of recruitment, and our placement team has over 50 years of combined experience. By tapping into our knowledge of the industry and awareness of upcoming trends, we take a strategic approach to the recruitment process, ensuring that it supports a company’s goals and objectives.

Job Opportunities

As a PangeaTwo applicant, you’ll find an insightful team interested in you: What work environment do you prefer? What inspires you? What are your career goals? How fulfilling is your current position? What values do you seek in a company? Clients make an investment in us, and we, in turn, invest our time in candidates.


As a PangeaTwo client for more than a decade, we’ve enjoyed their professionalism and insight in this volatile job market. Our small company grew significantly these past few years, and PangeaTwo was instrumental in staffing all positions in our office. From Controller to Clerk, their candidates are well prepared for interviews and PangeaTwo makes the recruiting process so pleasant. Joan and Holly have provided excellent service, and we always look forward to working with them.

Angie Gunter
Gunter Oil Company