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Delving into personal motivation may not be the first question you’d expect from an executive search firm. From our perspective, however, your answer is as significant as your expertise. That’s because the companies who retain us seek more than an employee. With a talent pool brimming with qualified applicants, our clients want professionals who believe an ideal job is more than a job.

It’s a quality we call engagement, and it is exemplified by people whose reasons for working are internally driven. They want a true enjoyment of a chosen profession, a wish to collaborate on common goals, an eagerness to contribute to a company’s success, or a desire to pursue personal excellence.

The opportunities PANGEATWO can offer can transform careers, even lives.

As a PANGEATWO applicant, you’ll find an insightful team interested in you: What work environment do you prefer? What inspires you? What are your career goals? How fulfilling is your current position? What values do you seek in a company?

Clients make an investment in us, and we, in turn, invest our time in candidates. The goal is to make strategic connections, aligning like-minded companies and individuals to create a synergy that benefits both.

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A candidate with the right criteria to do the job is not the same as the perfect person to get the job done right.

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Discover Opportunities

The employment world can be unfamiliar territory when you’re in its midst.

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We are one of the Southeast’s most established and respected executive search, consulting and staffing firms.

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